In-Person Session            R750 per session  (1 hr)
      Online Session           R650 per session  (1 hr)
    Couples Session           R850 per session  (1 hr)

      Online couples           R750 per session  (1hr)

Transformative Talk Therapy

 By engaging with intention and awareness, I provide contextually relevant insights into trauma release, emotional stabilisation and psychological equilibrium. I acknowledge empathy and reflexivity as tools towards personal transformation, encouraging deep introspective work to identify core clusters of patterned behaviour which create critical intersections in people's lives.

Art Therapy and accessing the subconscious

 There is a type of innate unspecified knowledge, derived from the entire lifespan of human history, which directs conscious behavior and shaped by myth, history, culture and personal context. Through a unique application of Art Therapy, these archetypal symbols can be accessed to help identify hidden themes and illuminate key areas that need to be healed and transformed.

Family Systems Therapy

Looking at a person's family of origin from a psychodynamic perspective can trigger powerful insights. By assessing cultural beliefs, unspoken family rules and by identifying dysfunctional family dynamics, one starts to reveal what influences are shaping personal circumstances, thereby opening a doorway to healing childhood trauma at a root level.


Kinesiology  addresses energetic obstacles to physical and psychological wellbeing, and spiritual growth. This emotional processing technique moves us from trauma to self empowerment, from illness to vibrant living, through deeper connection to our life purpose and sense of wellness and balance. 

This unique combination of traditional therapeutic techniques,
Art Therapy, and Kinesiology may be powerful, enlightening and profoundly life changing.