BA Hons Psychology (UNISA)
 BA Fine Art (Michaelis, UCT) (Art Therapy)

 Neurodiversity | Advanced Modules




 PsySAA Membership (Psychological Society of South Africa) 
 BPS Membership (British Psychological Society)




ASCHP Reg. No 896 Licence No. SWC211162

Mindful Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) 

Specialising in Nerodiversity, Abnormal Adult and Adolescent Behaviour, I offer empathetic and confidential services to those in challenging situations, critical life transitions and temporary trauma situations. 


By using the Bio-Psycho-Social-Spiritual Model, I apply a Mindful Based Cognitive Approach to assist clients to identify core clusters of stuck emotional and psychological trauma, and to rapidly assist in developing stronger coping mechanisms that may inspire healing, growth and transformation. 

Anxiety • Depression • Stress • Trauma • Grief • Addiction • Relationships
Divorce • Coparenting • Existential crisis • Mindfulness • Neurodiversity • ASD

Facilitation Techniques

• Psychodynamic Talk Therapy

•  Introspective Journaling

•  Meditation & Visualisation

•  Art Therapy & Music

Personal Responsibility

It is a clients responsibility to engage with the sessions and be open to taking part in the self healing process.I encourage all those in session to be inspired about excavating one's own reality and applying it, on a personal level, to the soul perspective. Keeping an open mind is imperitive to the success of any therapeutic program. 

Confidentiality and Ethics

•  All sessions are confidential and facilitated in a private and safe place.

•  Consent is required for persons under 16. All ages are welcome.

•  The practise is non-denominational, multicultural and respects all belief systems.

•  This practise abides by the Code of Ethics as administered by the CCSA